Microcosmic Black Metal: Strigae signs with Naturmacht!


As you know, I always enjoy and look for original concepts and music. So it is no wonder that I am very excited to welcome the band Strigae to the Naturmacht family!

On first sight, Strigae might look and sound like another space/cosmic black metal band settled between Darkspace and Battle Dargorath (and that is not even a bad thing right?). But the devil is in the detail or better the micro molecule is. Because the bands concept is not about the vastness of the cosmos, but the smallest elements where universal law applies as well, hence they call it Microcosmic Black Metal. Aligned to that, the music has its fine original elements as well, which divides it from the named artists above.

So I am happy, that we will release the upcoming releases together, the next album coming propably at the end of this year.

You can listen and download the first full length for free:


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