NPU016 | Cirkeln – “Kingdoms That No One Remembers”

Physical Release: 25th June 2020 | Preorder & Digital Release: 4th June 2020

Format: Blue Vinyl CD in A5-DigiPak, clossy varnish with A5-booklet, 8 pages, lim. to 100 copies


  1. In His Deep-Hidden Hall
  2. Golden Rauros
  3. Sun And Moon
  4. Ships
  5. The Castle
  6. Sing Of Frozen Dreams
  7. The Eye; The Throne; The Ring
  8. The Dreaming City
  9. Ainulindalë – Of the Music Of The Ainur (Interlude)
  10. Kingdoms That No One Remembers

“Kingdoms That No One Remembers” is a record based on the love for fantasy, myhtoloy and storytelling. The songs started thematically as interpretations of Tolkien’s legendarium – specifically his earlier and more mythological work. Over time it morphed into a collection of stories and tales of archaic magic, deep-hidden dungeons, distant lands, mystical cosmology and some good old fashioned adventure.

Musically the album is continuing the epic tradition of Bathory with shades of cathartic Black, riffing Doom and traditional epic heavy metal.

“The Haven of Morionde” artwork by Roger Garland, used with kind permission by Linda Garland at the Lakeside Gallery.

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