Askvald: Cover & trailer from new album “Nachtschattenreich”


German one man project Askvald is back with its new album “Nachtschattenreich” (empire of nightly shadows).
While the old creations yet contain synths as a key element, the new album completely abandons them for the sake of a more aggresive and compact sound.

“Nachtschattenreich” still is directly connected to the predecessor “Nebelpfade” and processes the differences between modern life and society with a archaic, natural life of calm, consciousness and environmental awereness. Yet it also carries the personal experiences in a world that can leave you pale, empty and broken if you cant manage to find a way out or an anchor of some kind.

Date: 14.07.2018 | Preorder: 23.06.2018

Format: 4-Panel DigiPak | Shirt | Bundle

1. Staub
2. Morgenstund
3. Im Licht der Laterne
4. Nachtschattenreich
5. Truemmer-Lethargie
6. Wolf
7. Gedanken an morgen
8. Gebeine
9. Trauerspiel
10. Gespinste
11. Gegangen um zu bleiben (instrumental)


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