Eternal Helcaraxe: Cover and tracklist of the new album revealed!

EH TOD Front Cover

The last release of this year shall be the new album of Irish warriors Eternal Helcaraxe!

They return with their long awaited second full length album “In Times Of Desperation”
Comprising of 8 blistering tracks of black metal that have been described as the bands strongest and most aggressive work to date.
Combining the harsh sounds of earlier works with the emotive and mighty atmosphere of more recent years.
This release will be sure to please long term fans and those who enjoy such bands as Immortal, Emperor and Bathory.

This album will be sure to have you reaching for sword and shield.

Release Date: 29.12.2017

Formats: Classic Jewelcase | A5 DigiPak

1. Our Time In The Sun
2. End Of All Things
3. Kneel Before None
4. The Healer And The Cross
5. Bannow
6. From Seeds To Forest
7. In Times Of Desperation
8. One Journey

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