From realms unknown to men: Lysithea signs with Rain Without End Records!


I am happy to welcome again some lads from great New Zealand: the death doom duo Lysithea!

bandFrom the land of Dunedin (the former Dunedain aeons ago) and known for their  membership of Sojourner, Mike L. and Mike W. create very engaging and atmospheric death doom metal spiced with rare black metal elements.

Founded in 2008 Lysithea released three albums and two EPs independently and is working on a new album planned for 2019, which we shall bring to light together.

Lysithea is:
Mike Lamb All instruments (2008-present)
(Sojourner, ex-Cailleach, ex-Undoing the End, ex-Into Avernus, ex-Out of Agony)

Mike Wilson Vocals, All instruments (2014-present)
(Sojourner, ex-Undoing the End, ex-Out of Agony)

You can take a listen of the actual album “Realms” here:


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