From the solitude of Nature: Cover of Night signs with Naturmacht!


There are so many great bands and musicians out there. But some are not only great when it comes to music, but also fit perfectly to this label, its values and topic. Cover of Night is one of them, which is why I warmly welcome the one man project from the US to this family.

Cover of Night is dedicated in all what it is and creates to Mother Nature, playing atmospheric black metal with a strong emotional touch. An example for that dedication is the fact, that all nature sounds are real ones recorded on his travels by Andrew Malone, the solem member of the project.

Cover of Night was founded 2009 in Boise, Idaho and has released three albums since then. At the moment Andrew is working on new material and we will release this new opus together with the actual album “The Depths” on CD in 2019.


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