Havukruunu “Havulinaan” & “Kelle Surut Soi” re production!

I know, many of you wait for this eagerly, so it is about time to give you some more details:

– Havulinnaan –
CD as limited A5 DigiPak, 300 copies (Spring 2018)

– Kelle Surut Soi –
CD as 4-Panel DigiPak (Spring 2018)
Vinyl, blood red, with inlay, lim. to 500 copies (Summer 2018)

Also the “Kelle” Shirt will be available again in Spring -> Bundles!

There will be a preorder this time and the dates will be announced yet.

Regarding the vinyl shipping: I want to thank all of those, who gave me tips and hints and who were very understanding for some mistakes in the packaging, which lead to damages and how to improve on it. I did some research besides and found some ways to make the shipping safer. I will try to optimize it more and more in the future as I gain more experience in the vinyl business.


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