Havukruunu update, over all (undiplomatic) statement, plans

Seeing this kind of damage really pisses me off. I have seen that many got their copy by now in perfect state, but I also do get reports of things like this. Which is a whole new level for me in the many years I am doing this, even though I know it happened before to other poor souls.

  1. I am doing my best with David to find a affordable, fast, effective and protective way to pack and ship vinyls. It is a never ending nightmare to find a balance between all those. We seem to run after the ever rising levels of carelesness of post workers/companies.
  2. What will change regarding vinyl:
    We searched for a long time for a better pressing plant, something smaller and more local then GZ or other big players, which made many mistakes and delays recently and had like cero or bad communication (for example Havukruunu vinyl: not communicated delay, wrong or better no varnish, wrong paper weight -> simply told us “we did all you asked for = fuck you”). We found a local spanish one and its samples and communication were great. We hope we found finally a reliable partner who wants to have happy customers and gives a fuck. Fuck the big ones, especially GZ!
  3. Bigger orders will be packed even better with the thick mailers inside another box of 40x40x10 cm. That should give the vinyl the protection it needs, while making it fast to add merch and other stuff.
  4. There are overstock-Havu-vinyl yet, but it seems all of them will be used for replacements as I of course try to replace as much as possible. I will order more sleeves and in future always some overstock of sleeves (never had to do that in the past).
  5. Havukruunu represses:
    As everything is sold out (thank you!), there will be a major repress in spring 2021. A date will be announced as always. It will contain vinyl, shirts and cds. I am also planning to do Kelle Surut Soi and USS tapes as well. But I can not do it all at once and all needs preperation and as you know, I am always busy with new stuff.
    If you see Havu or other naturmacht clothing/patches being sold by somebody else then me or the band its criminal bootleg shit!

Cheers Rob

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