Havukruunu update

As I get many mails still, and some didnt see the posts before, here is another update on the Havu merch:

  1. *Update* Vinyl: We can finally ship them. We will do that in chronological order, you will get a notification.
  2. Shirts/Hoodies/Patches:
    First batch of shirts, small patches and hoodies have been shipped together with the CD orders, the second batch arrived on 25th September at the warehouse, so now the rest together with vinyl will be shipped.

I think in October all preorders will finally be shipped!

New merch at the latest in early 2021: As all is sold out except the CDs, there will come more, that is for sure. The band will have its own oxblood vinyl stock for live gigs and also shirts and patches.
More vinyl and shirts will come for sure. We just want to have all preorders shipped before we do more.
Many thanks once again for the huge support and patience!

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