Important info regarding Havukruunu and Keys of Orthanc release

Important notice (please read till the end): Due to a big delay (plant had vacation) and bad communication from the side of the plant, the Havukruunu tapes will be shipped with a bit of a delay, as I still have not received them (supposed to come this week) and have yet to record them. I can ship around 5 a day, so the delay should not be to long. Keys of Orthanc tapes are not effected, as they were recorded at the plant.

Connected to that, Havukruunu & Keys of Orthanc vinyls will arrive hopefully on Monday, so that I can start to ship them as well.

As always with big releases it sadly takes a while for me to send everything (will hopefully change in the nearer future, more infos soon), so this is the shedule:

All orders are shipped in chronological order
1. CDs & shirts are here and I have started to ship them already
2. Vinyls will be shipped starting next week.
3. Havu tapes will be recorded and shipped as fast as possible

All in all it should take around two weeks, max. 3 weeks to ship all preorders. Connected to that new orders will take more time as well.

Sorry for the delay Lads and Ladies. If you know me, you know I hate them a lot. And thanks for your patience!


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