Nemus: Preorder and song premiere of “Stein-Mensch” online | Marrasmieli Vinyl repress preorder

With “Stein-Mensch” Nemus has created its very own style of modern German black metal, combining strong, driving riffs with post rock melancholy and hellish screams combined with intense “Neue Deutsche Härte” like clean vocals, thus creating his very own style: Neue Deutsche Schwärze!

Preorder & listen here:

Date: 17th April 2020 (Right now production times are normal, all items are ordered, if delays happen, I will inform you guys!)

Nemus Format: Classic Jewelcase, incl. 12 p. booklet | Vinyl-LP, black, 12″ in sleeve with clossy varnish & insert (30×30 cm) lim. to 100

Video link:

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