New NP-Store Discount System and planned improvements!


I had to remove the free shipping, because it was not working well with the vinyl orders.

So now a new Discount System is implemented:
Sub-total >= 50 € -> 5%
Sub-total >= 100 € -> 10%
Sub-total >= 200 € -> 15%


I hope you like it. Me and Kristian are working hard to improve the shop all the time, as we are aware of its shortcomings (performance and usebility).

A major update regarding performance will be implemented in the coming months. Until then we will fix small issues and improve the shopping experience (e.g. shipping costs appear/are calculated already at product page or better checkout).
Our goal is to make the shop an enjoyable and true alternative to Bandcamp (which is great, but also has some shortcomings).

If you have any ideas, tips or critiques regarding the topic I would love to hear them. Kris and me know the system, so we do not always see all its flaws. Thank you!

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