Skyborne Reveries: “Winter Lights” coming in May!

It is time to announce the first May release:

From atmospheric black metal artist Skyborne Reveries comes the second album “Winter Lights”. Hailing from Australia, this one-man project combines harrowing shrieks with sombre keys and wistful melodies to create a soundscape that is not to be missed by fans of Windir or Eldamar.

‘Winter Lights’ explores similar themes to the band’s debut album “Drifting Through the Aurorae” (which will be rereleased as well); an idea of ‘ascending’ to a dreamlike realm and becoming one with the natural forces of the world. Also dealing with the concept of regretfully leaving memories behind, ‘Winter Lights’ is perfect for a misty winter’s day or in the nostalgic afterglow of a dream.

Format: 4-Panel DigiPak incl Booklet

1. Winter Lights
2. Ascending Beyond That August Firmament
3. Song of the Rin
4. I Must Return
5. The Forgotten
6. When Stars Sing
7. Of Mountains and Tranquil Skies


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