Vinyl delays Havukruunu & Moribund Mantras

Unfortunately we are facing some delays from the plants (due to to untold maintenance and corona):

  • Havukruunu Vinyls (also the second runs!) are set for last August week for shipping to the Warehouse. Which means we will ship them from September on. Good side, next to the second run being here faster, is that we can focus in August on the CD and other merch preorders.
    I can already announce, that due to your grazy support, we will need several weeks to ship all preorders as they are many hundreds (more then we ever had). David (my poor shipping slave) and me will do our best to send out all and answers mails as fast as possible.
  • Moribund Mantras Vinyls also have a slight delay, the should have come 17th July, but we have no date yet. We hope they arrive until mid August.

I hope having the full stream available, helps you waiting for the merch!
Many thanks for all the preorders and the great support you have shown since corona and all the odds we are all facing started. But also shitty times end at some point. I hope the music the bands and me offer, help you to go through this!


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