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Draugnim - "Verum Malum" cover

Draugnim: “Verum Malum” out now!

“Verum Malum” is the 4th album of Finnish Black Death Metal Band Draugnim and deals with the growing unquenchable and inescapable evil in man, not just during our times...

Draugnim - "Verum Malum" cover

Draugnim – “Verum Malum” (NP176)

Order & stream here: Release: 26.04.2024 (26th April) Merch:CD, Vinyl (June/July 24), Cassette, Shirt (May 24) Tracklist:1. Traitor’s Crown2. Ver Sacrum3. Salt The Earth4. Lifescorn5. Aeons6. Deeds Of Strife...