NP046 | Depicting Abysm – Immersion

“Immersion” is a debut full-length from Russian atmospheric/depressive black metal band Depicting Abysm. Its main theme is the ocean, the cruel but beautiful power that gives humanity a chance to contemplate about its weakness in comparison with endless supremacy of nature.
Songs of the album describe the experiences of different men which somehow contacted with the ocean: the sailor, the painter who is drawing the raging sea, and the poet who is stunned by the beauty of anxious waters.

The album lyrics was made under the inspiration from Edgar Allan Poe’s “Descending into the Maelstrom” and great Russian poet Semyon Nadson.


CD in Jewelcase, 4 p. Booklet

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1. On the Waterfront
2. Descent
3. Le mariniste
4. Anxious Waters

Total playtime: 42:00

Anxious Waters  video | full album

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