NP049 | Sado Sathanas – “Nomos Hamartia”

The main topic of the lyrics is the relation and the interchanges between of rules and freedom, the law (order) and the spirit (chaos). The lyrics in combination with the music creates a mixture of invocation and meditation. It’s all about a specific concept which is the basis of Sado Sathanas: power and authority. Sado Sathanas creates a complex setting of visual, habitual, and lyrical aspects. In this context the cover artwork is based on a painting from the book Divine Comedy, written by the Italian poet Dante Alighieri. This painting is combined with drawings of Hieronymus Bosch (aka Jheronimus van Aken) of course in a different interpretation. On the front cover is Lucifer who has three faces with three mouths. Each mouth chews a betrayer, symbolized by Judas, Brutus and Cassius. The artwork inside represents the seven deadly sins.


CD in 2 panel DigiPak, 8 p. booklet

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Track listing:

1. Nomos Hamartia
2. Martyrium
3. Ante Bellum
4. Invertum
5. P.A.N. Demonia
6. Codex Diaboli

Total playtime: 41:00

Martyrium video | Full-length video

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