NP113 | Nero or the Fall of Rome – “Beneath the Swaying Fronds of Elysian Fields”

Featuring members of Riul Doamnei, NERO OR THE FALL OF ROME is an epic/doom/black metal act with an old school attitude and influences of bands such as Darkthrone, Bathory and Candlemass. “Beneath the Swaying Fronds of Elysian Fields” marks the band’s debut with 7 tracks soaked in tragic and epic atmospheres constantly moving between menacing black metal and doomish shades that paint a full-range sonic imagery.

Date: 27th April 2020 | Preorder: 27th March 2020

Format: CD in 6-Panel DigiPak, 320g cardboard w. glossy varnish | Double Vinyl LP, black, 10″ in sleeve with 5mm spine, 300g cardboard, glossy varnish, in anti static sleeve, with insert (23x23cm)


  1. The Cross of Nero
  2. Coils of Night
  3. Cold Bones
  4. Beneath the Swaying Fronds of Elysian Fields
  5. White Crow in the Blizzard
  6. Mortui ut Patria Vivat
  7. Graves Above
  8. Our Epitaph Shall Be Carved in Stone

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