NP157 | à Répit – “Spirito d’autunno”

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Release: 25.11.2022 (25th November)

CD in high quality 4-panel digipak w. 12 pages of booklet, first edition 300 copies
Cassette, black, in clear case w. 6-panel j-card, limited to 66 copies (shipping around 30.11.)

1. Inarpa ( au dessus des nuages )
2. Nuvole e Brume (single on BC)
3. Sis d’a lunna
4. Salita d’Inverno
5. Terra Mayre
6. Evermore ( Falkenbach Cover )
7. Das Verlorene Tal
8. Antica Luce
9. Il battito della terra
10. Alpen
11. Malinconia

“Spirito d’autunno” (autumn spirit) is the third album of the Alpine black metal duo à Répit.

“We continue our journey up the Alpine valleys and its legends.
The mists clear…In the pale morning you can see a dim light…
Up there the last Shepherd wanders in solitude, everything is pervaded in blissful melancholy, the Autumn Spirit awaits…
Purify my soul with your laments…”

Band Links:À_Répit/3540433310

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