RWE022 | Fractal Gates – “The Light That Shines”


Date: 12.05.2018

Format: 6-Panel Digipack CD incl. Booklet

1. Visions X
2. Breath of Life
3. Chasing the Line
4. Infinity
5. Bound by Time
6. Dreams Apart
7. Visions XI
8. Faceless
9. Arise
10. Reborn
11. The Light That Shines
12. Seas of Flames
13. Visions XII

“The Light That Shines” is the 3rd opus of french melodic death metallers Fractal Gates.
Fractal Gates is a 5 man band featuring Sébastien Pierre (Enshine, Cold Insight, Ex-Inborn Suffering, Ex-Lethian Dreams) and Stéphane Peudupin (Ex-Inborn Suffering, Ex-Lethian Dreams, Ningizzia).

“The Light That Shines” emphasises on catchy tunes, stellar sci-fi sounds and melodic death metal energy. As die hard fans of sci-fi, our lyrics focus on the future, our consciousness and self awareness, the unknown, the magnificance of the universe and the probable alien encounters we might be faced with.

The album was mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö of Unisound AB and features guest appearances such as Jari Lindholm (Enshine, Ex-Slumber, Ex-Atoma) and Ben Ellis (Scar Symmetry)
Expect 44mn of dreamy catchy melodic death metal energy!


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