NP107 | Nordkväde – “Visdom & Makt”


Nordkväde was formed in late 2017 by Marcus (strings) and Olle (vocals) with an intention to create black metal with an old-school, Nordic and rock n roll touch. Two songs were recorded and released as “Demo Ett” in 2018.

Now the debut full length album “Visdom & Makt” will be released and it contains nine songs of Swedish Black Metal inspired by Nordic Mythology.

Date: 28.09.19 | Preorder: 24.08.19

Format: CD in classic Jewelcase w. booklet | CD in A5-DigiPAk w. booklet (lim. to 100 copies) | Vinyl LP, black, 12″ in sleeve with insert (lim. to 100 copies) | Cassette, black, in black case, with j-card (lim. to 100 copies)

1. Kyla
2. Eldregn
3. Runor Ska Ristas (Igen)
4. Vandringsfärd
5. Allfader
6. Troll
7. Höstens Dimma
8. Ljuset
9. När Ljuset Brunnit Ut

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