NP108 | Imber Luminis – “Same Old Silences”

Date: 26.10. | Preorder: 05.10.

Format: CD in 6-Panel DigiPak, glossy varnish (lim. to 300) | Vinyl LP, 12″ black in leeve, glossy varnish, with insert (30×30 cm) (lim. to 100)


Same old Sufferings (I, II, III)
Silence (III)

After dwelling in a personal atmospheric black metal (“Nausea”) and pure luminous post black (“Contrasts”), Imber Luminis comes back with a twist : going back to its depressive doom starts. The well-known “Same old sufferings” songs I & II, originally released digitally in 2011, have been slow hymns for a lot of us and now it’s time to go back to it. As Déhà would say : “I don’t like re-recordings much, it can kill the original ambiances and moods, but not this time.”, and it says a lot about this album. A third part of the S.O.S. series appears and it is crushingly heavy, mixing a sense of DSBM de luxe with the heaviest of funeral doom.
While “Silence III”, featuring the unknown-yet ‘Dryáda’ as guest vocalist, brings you back to the same year, 2011, of atmospheric-driven black metal with these melodies that will touch. S.III takes you where Nostalgia is paramount, and while Déhà offers what he can do best – emotions – , Dryáda enhances it all, as her screams were her first, powerful, innate, uncontrolled.
“Same Old Silences” is an album that goes back to what made Imber Luminis what it is now, and without a doubt is one of the highlights of the project.

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