NP048 | Agael – “Trost”

After the well received first album “Hybris” from 2009, Agael delivers his second album with a slightly new approach. “Trost” is even more atmospheric and melodic but still has its harsh, raw moments. A mighty modern black metal full length.

Another thing worthy to note are the lyrics, which are one long poem written by Agael himself. It is highly artistic and criticizes modern society with a special emphasis on how we as humans interact with our changing world.

Agael - Trost

CD in Jewelcase, 16 p. booklet

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1. Sternenklang
2. Staubherrscher
3. Weltenschrei
4. Ewige Heimkehr
5. Menschensohn
6. Zeitenwind
7. Trost
8. Nichtkonstanten

Total playtime: 49:28

Weltenschrei video | Full-length video

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