NP052 | Krigsgrav – The Carrion Fields

Krigsgrav is a US black metal band creating very unique atmospheric and melodic but still blackish music with Mother Nature as main source of inspiration.

The theme of the album is the cycle of the seasons in nature and the parallels between this and the life cycle experienced by all living things on this earth. So, each song represents a different season, but also a different stage in the life cycle of man.


Coming as Jewel Case (lim. to 300) & DigiPak CD (lim. to 50 – SOLD OUT)

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1. Akitu
2. Words of Aeolus
3. Spire of the Hunt
4. Ghosts Among the Ashes
5. Cold Wounds of Virtue
6. A Grand Desolation (video)
7. In the Waning Light We Bloom

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