NP089 | Daemonheim – “Widerwelt”


Date: CD 27.04.2018 | Vinyl (Late Summer 2018) | Preorder: 23.3.18

Formats: 4-Panel DigiPak CD | Vinyl LP | Shirt | Bundle | Digital

1. Siechtum
2. Todesheil
3. Illusion
4. Kalte Rast
5. Wundenschrift
6. Sinnbild des Winters
7. Utopias Fall

German black metal act Daemonheim returns with the long awaited successor of “Tidian”.
“Widerwelt” (freely translated “cruel, deadly world”) is a concept album about decay and death (and some heartache).

It is emotional, furious, dark and the most powerful and atmospheric album ever made by the duo.


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