NP090 | Skyborne Reveries – “Winter Lights”


From atmospheric black metal artist Skyborne Reveries comes the second album “Winter Lights”. Hailing from Australia, this one-man project combines harrowing shrieks with sombre keys and wistful melodies to create a soundscape that is not to be missed by fans of Windir or Eldamar.

‘Winter Lights’ explores similar themes to the band’s debut album “Drifting Through the Aurorae”; an idea of ‘ascending’ to a dreamlike realm and becoming one with the natural forces of the world. Also dealing with the concept of regretfully leaving memories behind, ‘Winter Lights’ is perfect for a misty winter’s day or in the nostalgic afterglow of a dream.

Format: 4-Panel DigiPak incl Booklet

1. Winter Lights
2. Ascending Beyond That August Firmament
3. Song of the Rin
4. I Must Return
5. The Forgotten
6. When Stars Sing
7. Of Mountains and Tranquil Skies


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