NP098 | Nemus – “See-Mensch”


Date: 24.11.18 | Preorder: 03.11.18

Format: CD in 6-Panel DigiPak

1. In Die Tiefe
2. Das Ungetüm
3. Blut Und Schuppen
4. Schwimme Ewig
5. Tiefengesang
6. Nachts Im Teich

On the bottom of the lake. Hiding in the dark. There is a creature, that was never meant to be. Once a human being, now a chimera, a fish-man, guarding the depth.
A story of self hatred, agony and at some point acceptance.
The LP „See-Mensch“ contains six songs, that will tell you the story of the water human and take you right into his empire in the depth of the lake.
A mixture of black metal, post rock, folk instruments and tortured vocals create a dark and energy filled atmosphere, which is supported by self recorded forest and water sounds.

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