NP104 | Svadilfare – “Fortapte Roetter”


Date: 13.07.19 | Preorder: 15.06.19

Format: CD in 6-Panel DigiPak, glossy varnish | Vinyl LP, black, 12″ in antistatic/scratch bag with insert in polybag lim. to 100 copies

1. Tenn Flammen Paa Ny
2. Breidablik
3. Brutalt Fortalt
4. Hordalands Skimmer
5. Vemodig Farvel
6. Fortapte Roetter
7. Sjoelvmord

Svadilfare is back with another raw but yet melodic and emotional Norwegian Black Metal album.
“Fortapte Roetter” is all about love and war to preserve the Scandinavian heritage with dark and depressive artforms in a minimalistic but epic sense.

All art, sounds and instruments created, painted, drawn and recorded in Svartmunin’s own dusty mansion.

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