NP148 | Marrasmieli – “Martaiden mailta”

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Release: 29.04.22 (29th April)

CD in 4-Panel DigiPak w. high quality glossy varnish & booklet, two pressings
CD in A5-DigiPak w. high quality glossy varnish & booklet, limited to 100
Vinyl, black (300) & transp. turquoise (200)
Two Shirts, logo patch, cover patch, “boat” patch

1. Frozen, Far North
2. The Forest of My Soul
3. Ghosts of Past and Future
4. The Oaks of England (single on BC)
5. Far in the Frozen North

Finnish Marrasmieli are back with their second album of atmospheric pagan black metal called “Martaiden mailta”.
Leaning lyrically more towards darker themes, the music is haunting yet deeply atmospheric and carries the same pagan and melancholic splendor of former works.

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