NP149 | Ravenwiek – “Barren Grounds”

Merch Release: 27.05.22 (27th May)

Pro CDr in highquality 6-Panel DigiPak w. glossy varnish, first press 100 copies
Tapes by Folkvangr Records

1. A forlorn battle (Single on BC)
2. The enchanted forest of Khrabanas
3. The crossing of the realms in sorrow
4. Under the mourning mountain
5. Berserker

Hailing from Groningen, The Netherlands, the epic black metal duo Ravenwiek tells tales of faded glory, hidden realms and majestic nature.

Inspired by genre pioneers Bathory and Summoning as well as more recent bands such as Caladan Brood and Grima, Ravenwiek’s debut record “Barren Grounds” combines folk instruments, raw black metal guitars and orchestral soundscapes in order to create a spiraling pathway to worlds beyond…

The album is about the journey of one soul who loses it all. His birthground due to battle, his kin by trickery in the forest, his mind in the harshness of nature and thus ends it all in the end as the wish to bare more has been deminished.

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