NP165 | Beyond The Permafrost – “Fallen from the Throne”

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Release: 28.07.2023 (28th July)

CD in Classic Jewelcase, 12 pages of booklet, first press 200 copies
Cassette, black, w. on-tape-print & 7-panel j-card, lim. to 50 copies

1. Crossing the Ages of the Flames
2. A New Astral Voyage (Single on BC)
3. The Fiery Lustral Doors
4. Call of the Darkest Past
5. Endless Cosmos
6. A Tragic End Under a Majestic Frost (Single on BC)
7. Endless Fall

“Beyond the ice and the worlds, time freezes, the flesh crystallizes, so the soul rises for its last journey…

Beyond the Permafrost.”
French true black metal, influenced by french Black Legions and early 90′ Norwegian BM scene.

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