NP164 | Ofnus – “Time Held Me Grey And Dying”

  • Time Held Me Grey And Dying
  • Time Held Me Grey And Dying

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Release: 30.06.23 (30th June)

CD in 4-Panel DigiPak w. booklet, first press 200
CD in A5-DigiPak w. booklet, limited to 100

1. Burned By The Soul Of The Moon
2. The Endless Grey
3. Fading Dreams (single on BC)
4. Grains of Sand (single on BC)
5. Monody
6. Exulansis
7. Echoes
8. A Thousand Lifetimes

Ofnus : Fearful, Nervous, Afraid.

“Time Held Me Grey And Dying” is an opus to the loss of innocence, a sonic narrative of the uncomfortable realisation of the passage of time and life’s most certain inevitability through death. The 50+ minute full length debut by the Welsh five-piece contains 8 vast and evocative soundscapes that veer between sullen and monumental.
Combining Black Metal with modern-classic film score, Ofnus have a singular goal in mind: to reunite you with your misery, and take you on an indulgent and veritable trip through your neglected inner sanctum.

“Time Held Me Grey And Dying” was recorded by the band and Woodcroft Audio, Mixed by Necroshroud Studios and Mastered by Abraham Fihema.

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