NPDS003 | Keys of Orthanc – “Unfinished Conquests”

CD + Digital release: 24th July 2020
Preorder Cassette: August 2020 (shipping date tba)

Format: Pro CDr in 4-Panel DigiPak with glossy varnish, lim. to 50 copies | Cassette, green, pro recorded, on tape print, with 3-panel j-card in clear case lim. to 50 copies


  1. Lonely Warrior in the Ruins of Time
  2. Never Forgotten Heroes of the Ages
  3. Glorious Battle & the good old days…
  4. The Dragon’s Lair
  5. One Last Hunt

Canadian fantasy black metal warriors Keys of Orthanc are back with their first full Dungeon Synth album.

While working on a new Lord of the Rings themed black metal album, “Unfinished Conquest” is a Dungeon Synth ode to all heroes who marched to, fought and died on glorious quests and adventures.

Cover art by Silvana Massa |

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