Wraithfyre – “Of Fell Peaks and Haunted Chasms” (NP179)

Wraithfyre - "Of Fell Peaks and Haunted Chasms" cover

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Release: 26.07.2024 (26th July)

Merch: CD, Tape

1. A Lunar Descent
2. Fallen Before Their Blazing Altar
3. Queen of the Blighted Throne
4. Infernal Heresy
5. Ablaze in Abyssal Frosts
6. Echoes of a Forgotten Dream
7. Eternal Pyres from Beyond the Void
8. Dark Souls Devoured

The first full-length album from new UK-based project Wraithfyre, “Of Fell Peaks and Haunted Chasm” is a furious blast of icy black metal.
Paying homage to the forefathers of the genre through grim tremolo riffs and eerie keyboards, the album also carves out a unique place in the annals of black metal with its incorporation of death and doom elements that serve the atmosphere. The end result is an an ominous yet majestic journey, heralding Wraithfyre’s arrival on these blackened shores.

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Credits: Tom O’Dell – All instruments, vocals

Ethan Bishop – Guitar solo (track 5)
Mike Lamb – Guitar solo (track 7)

Music and lyrics by Tom O’Dell
Additional music by Tom Abbey
Recorded, produced and mixed by Tom O’Dell

Artwork by Vojtěch “Moonroot” Doubek (www.moonrootart.com)
Layouts by R.B./Naturmacht Studios

Eternal hails to Tom Abbey, Katherine Wright, Michael Lewis, Samuel Whitbread, and Aggelos Karatzas.

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