Welcome to the Naturmacht!

Naturmacht Productions with its sub label Rain Without End Records is an underground record label which acts against the ever growing commercialization of the music industry. Naturmacht Productions stands for support, promotion and distribution of good quality music. We believe strongly in quality instead of quantity.

We work with our musicians for they are the motor which drives us. We encourage creativity, freedom of musical expression and do not limit our artists to a certain type or style of music. There are no time constraints for our releases since we understand that creating good quality music takes dedication, inspiration, energy and a lot of hard work. We believe in honesty and fairness. This means full transparency between the label and the artist.
Thematically our focus is on nature, mythology, philosophy and history.

While Naturmacht Productions is focusing on black metal in all its variations,  Rain Without End Records deals with Death and Doom Metal.

We will not support any music or artists that align themselves with in any extreme political, racist, Aryan views.