NP122 | Grima – “Rotten Garden”

Release: 22.01.21 | Preorder: 01.01.21 Formats:CD in 6-Panel DigiPak w. glossy varnish, first edition 500 copies (22.01.21.)12″ Vinyl, black & orange, in sleeve with insert, first edition 300 copies...

Grima : “Rotten Garden” cover reveal

Another ritual for the forest god shall be performed in January 2021.Full announcement on 18th December 2020! Band Links:https://www.grima.bandcamp.com

Havukruunu overstock sale & CD repress

The overstock sale of Havukruunu’s recent merch is going to happen on 3rd December (this Thursday) 12:00 gmt+2! USS-CDs will be also back in stock. Merch and vinyl repress...

Keys of Orthanc – Caladan Brood Cover song

Another epic album of Keys of Orthanc shall be revealed soon! Until that enjoy that great cover of Caladan Brood’s “Book of the Fallen”: Keys of Orthanc merch:

Toblakai: Song premiere and preorder

Preorder here! Release: 27th November 2020 Format: CD in high quality 6-Panel DigiPak with glossy varnish lim. to 300 copies | Pro Tape, gold, in clear case, with Jcard...