[NP042] Lebensnacht – “Luonnon Voima”

The title Luonnon Voima translates from the Finnish as ‘the might of nature‘, and whilst it is by no means a ‘concept album‘, the new release from Lebensnacht does follow a particular red thread.
The first three tracks focus on the individual human condition and its relationship to others and the environment. By track four however, a more critical path is formed, focusing on how humanity is connected to the natural world. Track six, “Welt in Flammen” (World in Flames), is a more forceful, damning comment on our human hostility towards Mother Nature, leading us inescapably towards the final song, in which the ultimate message is delivered: one day our species will perish – nature will remain…


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1. Als der Mensch das Leid erfand
2. Innenleben in Winternacht
3. Kalter Tod
4. Luonnon Voima
5. Sommernachtsgedanken
6. Welt in Flammen
7. Was bleibt ist die Natur

Total playtime: 47:45

Innenleben In Winternacht video

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