NP056 | Mortis Mutilati – Mélopée Funébre

An album composed by the Macabre entity in 2014 under the influence of Death and erotism; in one word: necrophilia. The new album of Mortis Mutilati is way more professional than the first piece “Nameless Here For Evermore” without losing its hand made charm.

With an amazing staff – recorded at the Unchained Wolf Studio, mastered by Devo of Marduk and an artwork by Italian artist Asphodel – “Mélopée Funébre” continues the bands effort of creating high class funeral melodic black metal.

Mélopée Funébre (coming soon)


Release Date: 31.05.2015

Format: classic Jewelcase with 8 p. Booklet | limited 6-Panel DigiPak
with 8 p. Booklet incl. signed Poster

Purchase here:


1. Mélopée Funèbre
2. Vénus Anadyomène
3. Ophélia (video)
4. Oraison du Soir
5. Reliquiae
6. Morte
7. Eros & Thanatos
8. Fingers of Death

Total playtime: 44:50

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