NP055 | Svadilfare – Krig I Kunst

“Krig I Kunst” means War with Art. It is ment to be an eye opener and draws a misanthropic and critical picture about our society and how we treat our planet. Honesty is not allowed, being truly yourself is not wanted. We have to be all the same, easier to handle, oppressed by money and religion. But only with Chaos and Freedom new thoughts can be forged and new ways can be chosen.

This Planet does not need us and it will destroy us, if we continue our treatment.

The second album of the Norwegian one man projekt Svadilfare is an highly atmospheric, independend and powerfull black metal masterpiece standing for true and authentic black art.

Krig I Kunst (coming soon)


Release Date: 22.3. 2015

Format: classic Jewelcase & 16 p. Booklet | Lim. 6-Panel DigiPak

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1. Fordoemt Av Den Svake Normal
2. Naar Det Indre Svartner
3. Evig Motstand I Eit Dyrerike
4. Alt Vinden Stryker
5. Foedt I Feil Tid (video)
6. Total Hjernevask
7. All Religion Must Die
8. Den Er Slaktet, Men Ei Foraktet
9. Liket I Svartediket
10. Soga
11. Despair, Depression And Contempt (CD bonus)

Total playtime: 1:04:53

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