NP060 | Imber Luminis – Winter Fallings And Dying Summers

A grand compilation of the yet only digitally available “Winter Fallings” EP and five brand new and exclusive songs.

Imber Luminis is one of those projects which like few others understands to create a desolate, melancholic and epic atmosphere that grasps your soul at its most vulnerable area.


Release Date: 30.08. 2015

Format: 6-Panel DigiPak

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1. I Can Hear The Birds Crying (from “Winter Fallings”)
2. I Am Not (from “Winter Fallings”)
3. Journey Across The Stars (Midnight Odyssey cover) (unreleased)
4. Negation (unreleased)
5. I Can See The Birds Dying (unreleased | video)
6. I Can See The Birds Crying (Piano version) (unreleased)
7. Same Old Sufferings (Orchestral 2013 Version) (unreleased)

Total playtime: 1:14:08

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