NP057 | Inquinok – Dimension of I

Inquinok‘s “Dimension of I” takes the band in more of a progressive direction and goes away from the concept/fantasy theme of the first two albums. Lyrically the album takes a more personal approach yet musically the album has more of a progressive feel overall and much less straight forward Black Metal sounding. Overall “Dimension of I” keeps much of its dark atmosphere and melodic/epic elements of Inquinok’s past but with a more open approach to the song writing.

Dimension of I (2013)

Release Date: 30.08. 2015

Format: 6-Panel DigiPak

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1. Shrouded in Chaos
2. King
3. Illusion
4. Dominion
5. Dimension Of I
6. Banner (video)
7. Shattered
8. Tormented Skies
9. Engines Defined

Total playtime: 55:11

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