NP169 | Krâel – “Vanitas Vitae”

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Release: 27.10.2023 (27th October)

Pro CDr in high quality 4-Panel DigiPak with booklet, first edition 100 copies
Cassette, gold, with on tape print and 6 panel j-card, first edition 50 copies

1. Morgengrauen (on BC)
2. Im Schatten verborgen (on BC)
3. Des Wahnes Wesen
4. Der Tag neigt sich der Nacht
5. Schicksal
6. Ruinen der Stadt
7. Vanitas Vitae

“Vanitas Vitae” tells the story of life and death in a fictional town inspired by late medieval/early modern european history.
This is the debut album of German black metal project Krâel.

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