RWE024 | Lysithea – “Star-Crossed”


Date: 22.2.19 | Preorder: 8.2.19

Format: Classic Jewelcase w. booklet | lim. A5 DigiPak w. booklet (100 copies)

1. An Empty Throne
2. Away
3. The Longing
4. Celeste
5. Unearthly Burial
6. Fever Dream

New Zealand melodic death/doom duo Lysithea return with their new full-length opus ‘Star-Crossed’.
The follow up to 2015’s ‘Realms’, Star-Crossed tells a dark tale of love, loss and mortality. Weaving soaring leads,
punishing roars and a dense, unearthly atmosphere, Star-Crossed finds the band at its most pensive and powerful.

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