[NPR01] Inexistenz – “Lebensweg” re-release

Everything has a start. This is the debut album of Inexistenz and was released 2010 as download. Now it is time to re-release it in physical form.

Nearly 40 minutes of underground depressive black metal in its pure and simpel way, the trade mark of this project, are waiting for the forlorn listener.


CD in Jewelcase, 2 p. booklet, lim. to 50 copies

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1. Das Ende in Sicht
2. Die Angst vor dem Glück
3. Erkenntnis
4. Lebensweg
5. Zurück in die Ursprünglichkeit (nacher wie bevor)
6. Sterben
7. Bonus: Zeiterscheinung

Total playtime: 37:26

 Lebensweg video

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