[RWE003] As Autumn Calls – “Cold, Black & Everlasting”

“Cold, Black & Everlasting” is a personal journey towards finding contentment. Full of dark emotion and introspective thought As Autumn Calls uses their unique blend of atmospheric death doom to tell this story through deeply honest and sincere music. Expanding on the simple nature of their music by exploring new ground with acoustic passages, sorrowful melodies and raw heaviness As Autumn Calls continues to forge their own path in a doomed world. All that remains is “Cold, Black & Everlasting…”


CD in Jewelcase, 8 p. booklet

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1. Haunted
2. Black Night Silent
3. These Doleful Shades
4. The Light Which No Longer Shines
5. Darkness Reflected
6. Darkness Confined
7. Darkness Everlasting

Total playtime: 1:05:15

These Doleful Shades video | full-album video

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