[NP045] Svadilfare – “Makt Til Uskyld”

After a well recieved debut, yet released by the band itself, comes now the second step on the path of Svadilfare. A even more intense Norwegian melodic black metal album, offering an all-embracing atmosphere and high authenticy together with strength and might, is waiting for the sympathetic listener.


CD in Jewelcase, 8 p. booklet

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1. Flertall i Blinde
2. Fem Feite Faar
3. Fossefall
4. Makt Til Uskyld
5. Naiv
6. Svik
7. Tordenskrall
8. Blodtårer

Total playtime: 38:22

Makt Til Uskyld video | full album

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