Verzauber – “Frankincense & Vitriol” (NP177)

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Release: 31.05.24 (31st May)

Merch: CD, Cassette

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1. The Citadel Awakens to the Gaze of an Incensed God
2. Red Spells of Scheherazade
3. Opulence Drowned in Amber (The Dawning Waters of Impermanence)
4. Manafires over Antioch
5. To Call the Stars by Name and Render the Heavens Ablaze
6. Cloaked in the Shadow of a Cast Spear (Guided by the Dread Hand of Orion)
7. The Beast of Subterranean Rebirth

The debut Verzauber album, “Frankincense & Vitriol” is an epic work encompassing five distinct yet interwoven chapters of dense, narrative-driven atmospheric Black Metal, traversing themes of mythology, philosophy, destiny and rebirth.

A celebration of the archaic and the arcane, of the Homeric and the Hero, of the visceral and the invigorating. An odyssey through life’s splendour, death’s extremity, and the relentless, unforgiving ocean of the Universe. Gladly surrender yourself to Clotho…

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