[NP040] XCIII – “Like a Fiend in a Cloud”

XCIII deliver a nocturnal rêverie, a romantic promenade through the forest of the human soul. Sarcastic and delightful, grand and moving, the music describes a tormented conscious affected by devotion and rancor in his impossible quest of an ideal, and gracefully he discovers a final singular knowledge – In each cloud lays a fiend.

	XCIII – "Like a Fiend in a Cloud"

8 p. Booklet, lim. to 300 copies

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1. Rêverie Nocturne
2. Bal Macabre
3. Perpetual Place
4. Autums Call
5. Hibernal Sadness
6. Bal Macabre – Epilogue
7. Feathers
8. Like a Fiend in a Cloud

Total playtime: 48:23

Like a Fiend in a Cloud video | Hibernal Sadness video

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