NP050 | Daemonheim – Tidian

Daemonheims music is the fusion of german black metal with death and pagan elements and even non metal genres, creating a powerful and furious but yet melodic listening experience. The lyrics are completely in german and contain topics like nature, old sagas and local history.

Tidian is the long awaited successor of Hexentanz (2007) and you can hear clearly the development of the band, their sound and their unique style. All that pushs “Tidian” to a higher evolvement level.

The album comes as Jewelcase CD limited to 300 pieces and as special DigiPak, with own design and limited to 50 pieces.


Release Date: 30th May 2014

Coming as DigiPak (lim. to 50) and Jewelcase CD (lim. to 300)

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1. Nachtflamme
2. Lindwurmjagd
3. Harzblut
4. Tidian
5. Totenkuss
6. 12 Ritter
7. Nastrand

Totenkuss video | Full album video

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