NP053 | Solitvdo – Immerso in un bosco di querce

After one demo, the nature inspired atmospheric melodic metal one-man-project Solitvdo offers with its debut “Immerso in un bosco di querce” an intense and beautiful piece of art. While being mainly influenced by black metal, Solitvdo evolved from it and combines the different genres to one excellent piece of art. You shall experience acoustic passages and cinematic orchestra merged with the essence of metal: pure, authentic and honest music.

Immerso in un bosco di querce (2014)


Release Date: 12.12.2014

Format: 6-Panel-DigiPaks lim. to 300 | First 100 handnumbered

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1. Alba…
2. …Rivolta!
3. Immerso in un bosco di querce
4. Altvm Silentivm
5. Al tramonto il cielo in fiamme (video)
6. Nella solitudine il divino

Total playtime: 50:20

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